Magic Happens!

Today we drove further in deepest darkest Cornwall, after I was up very early to walk from our hotel, along the beach, across the causeway to the St Michael’s Mount, back again, up the main street to our hotel. We enjoyed the rough seas at Lamorna Cove and Judy told me how she and Ruthie walked the Cornwall path here. Then we turned inland to find Rosemerryn which I’d visited some years before. And there was the sign by the road! I knew that the owner at the time I last visited had sold it. Could I dare to ask the new owner if we could see the fogue that nestled in the back yard?

Well, yes I could with Judy’s urging. His name was Rob and he was only too happy to take us and show us. Judy leaned on my shoulders to walk slowly down the slippery, muddy slope into the darkness of this underground chamber that was pitch black. Then Rob came back with a torch and I went down into this womb in the earth from the times when women ruled (ie the pagan times over 5,000 years ago). I shone the torch slowly around the space so Judy could see. It was amazing. The energy was so alive yet at peace. This had been no burial chamber. The main space and the side chamber (see inset pic) were definitely for living!

I’m still in awe that we shared this very special place and that Rob shared it willingly with us.

On the way back to the A30 we found a VERY ancient Celtic cross – more magic!

So now that we’ve had women ruling, then men ruling, we need to learn to all work together for our earth!

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