Lunch @ RWYC

Not sure why but every time I stay with Judy in Plymouth, we have lunch together at the Royal Western Yacht Club where she’s a member. Today it was a most welcome break from all my family’s troubles to spend some time with this lady who has taught me so much just by being who she is:-)

And this visit I’ve been stunned by how much we are the same, Judy and I.

So it’s given me some valuable lessons in how I can help my disintegrated family of origin to move forward once more.

Magic Happens!

Today we drove further in deepest darkest Cornwall, after I was up very early to walk from our hotel, along the beach, across the causeway to the St Michael’s Mount, back again, up the main street to our hotel. We enjoyed the rough seas at Lamorna Cove and Judy told me how she and Ruthie walked the Cornwall path here. Then we turned inland to find Rosemerryn which I’d visited some years before. And there was the sign by the road! I knew that the owner at the time I last visited had sold it. Could I dare to ask the new owner if we could see the fogue that nestled in the back yard?

Well, yes I could with Judy’s urging. His name was Rob and he was only too happy to take us and show us. Judy leaned on my shoulders to walk slowly down the slippery, muddy slope into the darkness of this underground chamber that was pitch black. Then Rob came back with a torch and I went down into this womb in the earth from the times when women ruled (ie the pagan times over 5,000 years ago). I shone the torch slowly around the space so Judy could see. It was amazing. The energy was so alive yet at peace. This had been no burial chamber. The main space and the side chamber (see inset pic) were definitely for living!

I’m still in awe that we shared this very special place and that Rob shared it willingly with us.

On the way back to the A30 we found a VERY ancient Celtic cross – more magic!

So now that we’ve had women ruling, then men ruling, we need to learn to all work together for our earth!

Cornwall Again

Yesterday, as I sat with Judy in her flat, talking of what we could do together in the few days I’m with her in Plymouth, I remembered the Wessex ley line map in the book that I bought Elly at Avesbury – the main line goes from NE to SW along Cornwall, through Glastonbury and ending at St Michael’s Mount off Penzance near Lands End. Judy loved it too so booked a hotel for Tuesday night and 24 hours later we’d spent most of the day driving there through villages with names like Lostwithiel, stopping for a delightful long lunch break at Fowey – see the yacht hiding behind the tree that’s behind Judy.

It was a magical. sparkly, warm day.

From Penzance we walked across the causeway (at low tide!) to St Michael’s Mount and Judy sat by the harbour while I explored. Lovely peaceful energy here:-)

Early dinner at the Godolphin Arms (what a name!) and early to bed!

Elly @ Cricket

The highlight today was watching Elwyn play cricket at Edmonton sport club. She’s reached what she wanted with this game, that she saw when she started 16 years ago – a cool, poised and very skilled and stylish batter; a lovely and caring member of a very friendly team; a wonderful role model for so many young women like Ravi in the opposing team who at 16 bears an uncanny resemblance to Elwyn’s style, grace and niceness.

This was truly a privilege for me to share, and I realised that it was important for Elwyn to have a loved one share this space that’s so much a part of who she is. Rob said via sms “Go slugger!” so was there in spirit too.

Back at her flat she was very tired, so lay on her couch while I cooked dinner for us, plus some meals for during the following week while I’ll be in Plymouth:-)


Before heading off to find stones at Avesbury, Elly and I had a delightful iChat with Rob, Blaine, Thea and Tom then went to the Fleet Pond Society tea party and fete around the corner from her flat. She’s never been to a tea party before, and enjoyed meeting the local people who keep Fleet Pond and all its wildlife safe from developers. We sat in the garden of a lovely home of one of the members, that’s right next to the pond. The Society is a fierce protector of the pond and all the flora and fauna that live here.

Later we walked right around the huge stone circle that encircles Avesbury, enjoyed another cuppa, bought a book on the ley lines of this whole area, stood by the huge energy centre that is Silbury Hill (the largest man-made hill that’s a memorial and a burial site since 4,000BC), explored inside the West Kennet Long Barrow (a rock-based long, long mound that was a burial site from 5,000 to 4,000BC), then had a late dinner in Marlborough so that we could stay out in the long twilight and see Stonehenge at sunset followed by Woodhenge in the glooming and drizzle. The MOD uses this area for training…

Then it rained most of the way home.

A special day and very special to spend it with Elly:-)


Yesterday and today I flew to England via Dubai. After all the trials of getting things in place before I left Perth, although it was hard to say goodbye to Rob it was a relief to get on the plane at last. My companions were a thoughtful English couple who slept most of the way so I could too. From Dubai to London on the fairly new Airbus 380 plane my companions were 2 delightful ladies who, once we’d had all the sleep we were going to get, started a very friendly conversation which I enjoyed immensely. After all the pain of my family of origin the past few weeks this was a much appreciated gift.

And at Heathrow, after some waiting, there was dear Elly with tears in her eyes as we had a BIG hug:-)

That evening we sat together on the deck of the lovely pub around the corner from her flat, enjoying a drink, sharing chatter and a seafood platter, and watched the young Canadian geese swim across the lake – it was quite delightfully surreal!


While Rob spent the afternoon with his yacht racing friends, I spent the afternoon wandering around Fremantle with my MacBook, writing. Here are the 2 ships that sailed majestically into the harbour with attendant tugboats while I sipped tea and wrote at the cafe on the wharf.

It was good to spend the afternoon with Doris, Dave, Deb, Ken, Kevin, Margaret and John – the characters in the book which is the first part of the leadership program. By the time I was ready to walk back to the sailing club to meet Rob, I’d finished listening to all but Ken’s and John’s stories and including them in the book:-)

Back at the club’s bar, after such a quiet and introspective time, it was a shock to be among so many loud men!

The Pick-up Tree

On this second day of winter Rob and I enjoyed an early morning walk in Kings Park.

As well as the black cockatoos, pink and grey galahs, twenty eights, rainbow lorikeets, butcher birds, magpies, magpie larks and honey-eaters, several pairs of the big, elegant mallard ducks flew and wheeled in pairs above us as we walked.

Towards the end of the sand track two pairs landed awkwardly in the dead tree, as they do every year. And as they do this, I always remark to Rob how important these dead trees are to these birds’ mating ritual.

And on cue, one pair began an elaborate performance of head bobbing and calling  as they stood side-by-side on the branch – part of the cementing of their connection before they mate.

“It’s a pick-up tree!” exclaimed Rob, master of the one-liner:-)